Optimizing Electric Motor Efficiency

More thorough and detailed design objectives increases the chances of project success.
ETA’s chief engineer understands the accuracy requirements of the entire electromechanical system,carefully calculate
and review control system, drives, IC components, sensors and gears and mechanical linkages to leverage all
the component’s full capabilities.

BLDC Motor and Driver

Good Design Deliver Intelligent Motion Solution
BLDC motor drive technology is integrating the BLDC motor and drive into a single
package to simplify the system, minimize interconnection cabling, reduce noise and
solve motor-drive compatibility issues. With good design of BLDC drivers are capable of
power management, network connection, accurate position sensing and real-time
condition monitoring.

Geared DC Motor

High-Quality Gearbox Guarantees Quiet Operation
Optimizing the entry and exit points of
gears, reduce vibration, noise, sliding
friction and heat generation, with high
precision manufacturing, gear noise
can be reduced.

Small DC Motor

Population, Various Types, High Efficiency and Easy control
Before selecting DC motors, user need to identify the key performance specifications,
determine size and design requirements, and consider the environmental requirements
of their application. Normally, the most important performance parameters of
DC motors are speed, torque, and operating voltage.